Monday, November 8, 2010

Presenting, Archaicparadise!

Today I am going to share with you a great vintage shop, archaicparadise.

"A little about myself, my name is Paola Seiple, a 1st generation American, parents from Colombia. I was raised to hunt and search for great deals, hence were my love for Vintage began! I love decorating on a budget, collecting sea glass, and I am a foodie of amazing culinary! My decorating style is eclectic with bright colors and natural materials inspiring me."

"I learned about ETSY a few years back when I was watching a early morning show. The idea of one place where talented Artisans could display there talents with the world was fabulous!"

"I recently got married, March 5, 2010. ETSY played a big part in the Wedding decorating! I purchased my Feathered hairpin, my burlap banner and wedding tags."

"My husband's job moved us to Hawaii. Scouring through estate sales to decorate my new apartment, I couldn't help but see the abundance of great vintage finds! Then I realized here in Hawaii, most families never leave this beautiful paradise like island. Therefore it's like a time capsule of great Vintage Finds! After I finished decorating my apartment, I thought I'd share my great finds with everyone on ETSY!"

This shop can be found here:
Etsy Shop
Facebook Fan Page
Twitter under the name PAOLA SEIPLE

Have a Fantastic day everyone!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely feature Tara! xo Paola