Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Etsy Seller Feature - GThreads

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to share with you a great seller and fellow Oh Canada Team member GThreads!

A little about this seller:

1. from Canada, I am a 61 year old retired accountant from a company in the steel industry
2. as a contrast to my analytical side, I started a supply store for needlework supplies, had the brick and mortar business for 11 years before the store was closed as the rented premises were sold
3. took our website, and turned it into a shopping cart for supplies
4. joined ETSY to sell off my store samples which number close to 300 both finished and unfinished

What GThreads sells:

I sell finished store samples which make great gifts and some assembly required. These are all one of a kind, once its sold it is gone to its new home

GThreads Favourite items:

there are about 15 stitched items but these are my most favourite:

My Angel of Dreams
       - angel-of-dreams

       - cinderella-as-a-hand-stitched-framed

Framed Autumn Bulrush
       - framed-autumn-bulrush-and-coleus-in

Three Puppies Going Fishing in the Rowboat
       - three-puppies-going-fishin-in-a-rowboat

Panda Mom and Babies
       - hand-stitched-framed-panda-mom-and-her

"Joined ETSY after meeting one of my former customers and complaining about the slaggard samples who contributed nothing to the family income. She suggested that I join ETSY as the items were handmade which went with my samples."

GThreads can be found at:

Make sure you check out this shop!