Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Interview with Charmeddesign1012

Hi everyone! Tonight I am going to share with you my interview with charmeddesign1012. At this shop you can find unique beautiful handmade jewelry. Check it out!

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 42 Atlanta,GA native that is now living in New Haven, CT. I have lived here a little over two years now. While living in Atlanta, I had a successful, but not fulfilling, career as a lawyer. So, when I decided to move to New Haven, I also decided to leave that behind and make a brand new beginning in a career that would make me happy. Whem I first arrived, I got a job at a wellness center as their marketing manager. My new job included graphic design and writing and this really appealed to my creative side that had been stifled for so long.

About a year ago, I became ill from an infection that was a side effect of a routine tooth extraction. I came very close to dying, had several life saving surgeries, and am blessed to be here today. My first bracelets came into being as something constructive and positive to do while recovering from this sudden and life threatening illness.  

What made you decide to become an etsy seller?

I knew from the beginning that etsy would be a perfect place for me to sell my jewelry. I have been an etsy shopper for years and knew that by selling there I would automatically be exposed to potential customers who - like me - already have an appreciation for handmade items. It is also a wonderful community of sellers who support and help each other. I have learned so much from my fellow etsians.

What kind of products do you sell on your etsy shop?

I sell charm jewelry, mostly wrap bracelets made from leather, satin and silk. I use charms that inspire me and make me smile and stones I find beautiful. My jewelry is all about feeling good.

How long have you been an etsy seller?

I have been an etsy seller for less than three months.

What is your current location?

New Haven, CT

Where do you find Inspiration for your creations?

Although I lost my job, home, and life as I knew it, surviving such a near death experience has made me feel and believe that I am indeed - CHARMED. My jewelry reflects my experience and love for life. I am inspired by signs and symbols that are all around us and that, if we let them, can uplift and guide us. It can be something as simple as a leaf falling from a tree. 

How do you usually promote your shop?

I am constantly looking for new ways to market my shop I designed a logo, banner, business cards, wrapping that are all cohesive as a brand. I now have a blog and a facebook page. I make treasuries. But, my most important marketing tool is amazing customer service. I try to return emails within an hour, mail items the same day they are bought, wrap them nicely, make changes to pieces for free, anything reasonable that makes my customers happy. I already have had a few sales that were referrals from past customers.

Favourite books, movies, musicians?

too many to list

What do you like to do when you’re not doing etsy related things?

When I'm not doing etsy related things - which lately is hardly ever - I love to watch movies. I am a film freak...I'll watch anything and everything from the most obscure arthouse flick to the newest summer blockbuster.

Do you have any advice you could give to people just signing up to etsy?

My advice is to take it at your own pace, don't get overwhelmed, have fun. I think that is the biggest reason most of us sell on etsy, we get to do what makes us happy. 

Where would you like your shop to be in 5 years?

In five clue!! For now, I am taking it day by day and trust that I will continue to become more and more successful as time goes on. I believe that from good things come good things.

Make sure you check out this great shop!