Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Presenting, Ageratum!

So today I am sharing with you another great Etsy seller, Ageratum, Jewelry by Donna

We lived in beautiful sunny IN for about 22 years, and have now moved back to the far reaches of NY state. Winter is just around the corner and I would rather be in IN where the winters are a bit milder. We have been married just over 40 years and our two children live in MA now. So, the good thing about our move is that we are closer to the kids and may be able to visit more often. ;)

I am a 'self-taught' atist/crafts person and enjoy creating in every medium. In the past few years I have really gotten into stringing beads and can't seem to stop! Yikes! I've got pieces of jewelry I've created all over the place (plus the ones I've made especially just for myself)!

I love having my shop on etsy. It has surely helped me to sell a few things and its such a great community! I've met many wonderful friends here and hope to hang around for a long time.

As for the competition - well, that is EVERYWHERE (especially considering the art of crafting jewelry!) and it is quite hard to compete with such talented artisans. I try, but I am just amateur. ;) Its a good thing I am enjoying what I do so much - it takes me away from the usual grind for awhile each day and is so relaxing (even when things get tense). ;)

Definitely check this shop out!

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