Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween is coming!

Halloween is coming, do you know what you're going to be?

I still have no idea for this year, I'll figure out something though!

Back when I was little, my mom made all of me and my sister's costumes, my favourite was when she made me a cat costume. I was a black cat, and it had a hood with cat ears on it, and paws that I could take on and off like gloves, and I also had a tail. I loved it!

I had also been a pumpkin, angel, princess, and ballerina. I was quite your typical little girl!

What was your favourite Halloween costume growing up?

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  1. My mom also made me and my brother costumes.
    I was Madonna 1 yr (80s kid), a witch, a princess, clown...

    B/c of my ma, I make my kids costumes. The 7y/o is a skeleton (you can chk my blog to see it), the 4y/o a dinosaur or monster as he calls it, Hubs is Chandler from friends and I went as a vampire last wkend. We still have 2 things to dress up for, so I might go as an artist or 'I. Dont. Know?' clown outfit (that ma made, back in the 80s) w/ wings, a witch hat, a wig and vampire makeup. Or I might just go as the vampire again? IDK.