Friday, August 6, 2010

Colour Themed Treasuries

Lately I've done a few colour themed treasuries, and I want to share them!

This pink one I did because my favourite colour is pink. I suggest checking it out! you can see it here

 This purple one was for my best friend because her favourite colour is purple. You can see it here

And this orange one is for a friend I recently became very close with again. Obviously, their favourite colour is Orange. Check it out here

I find making treasuries so addicting!

I made a topic in the Etsy forums telling people that if they make a treasury for me, they will get posted on this blog and a link to the curator will go on the blog as well. I will be posting that on the 20th. So be on the lookout!

If you wish to take part in this, you can see the topic here

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I enver really got into treasury making myself, but I love seeing color themed ones!


  2. I really like the orange one. It's very summery!