Sunday, June 27, 2010

Etsy Sellers Show Their Floral Side

One of my favourite things about summer is all the flowers you see. They are so beautiful and inspiring.

I created a thread on etsy asking for flower themed listings. I got a beautiful selection. Check out these great pieces!

This cute collection here is brought to us by AngelasPaperArt

A collection from various Etsy sellers.

First Row: 
Second Row:
Third Row:
Fourth Row:

This grouping of items is brought to us by Finnashe

Some pretty floral purses from Readingbunky

Four pieces from VintageWhale

Another collection from various sellers 

Top Row: by Toastory
Bracelet Khaki Floral $15.00 USD and Bracelet Moonlight Floral $15.00 USD
Middle Row:
biancaleblanc's Customizable White Floral Baby Shoes $14.00 USD
nicerakc's Light Blue Floral Print Fabric with Pink Aluminum Chain Embellished Handbag Shoulder Rakc $35.00 USD
ShastaCreations's Mod Green Floral Jumper, Size 3T (Euro 98) $25.00 USD
Bottom Row: by PeacockLane
Hexagon floral pouch hand embroidered in tan corduroy $30.00 USD
Hexagon floral wristlet hand embroidered in chocolate brown corduroy $35.00 USD

Some pieces from Momssewingroom
Top Left Bottom Left Side

This beautiful collection of Vintage blouses can be found at 10dollarvintage
Top Left found - here
Top Middle found - here
Top Right found - here
Middle Left found - here
Very Middle found - here
Bottom Left found - here
Bottom Right found - here

Two Beautiful Pillows from Bedbuggs

Some beautiful jewelry pieces from DaintyHob

Top Left Top Right
These lovely little girl's hats can all be found at AniasJewelry 
And that concludes my Floral Inspired postings. Please check out all these great stores and items!

Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature.
-Gerard De Nerval


  1. WOW! Thank you so much! This post is great, wonderful collection of all thing floral!

  2. Thanks for including my NICE RAKC bag!! :)

  3. Thanks for including my jewelry. So many beautiful items here. I love the hats!